English: Elementary Resources

01elementary-foto-websABC Flash Cards: playing card size flash cards to print

Animal Eyes: interactive game for learning the 220 dolch words.

Children Only EFL-ESL Games

Children’s ESL English Lessons, Games and Activities

Children’s Songs

Childrens’ Songs for ESL Actions, Animals and Clothes

Downloads for ESL Young Learners’ Lessons

Easy Things for Beginners: Great site for beginners.  The site has easy vocabulary with pictures, nouns, verbs, months of the year, and days of the year.

Easy-to-learn Children’s songs

Elementary Education Resources

Elementary School EFL ESL Games!

Enchanted Learning: This site consist of  Zoom Learning Units, Little Explorers Picture Dictionary (with vocabulary in five languages!), hundreds of animals printouts, great graphics, Rebus Nursery Rhymes, Easy Crafts, Geography Units, coloring pages and even activities for preschoolers.  Reading level gets harder as you follow more links within their site, and then eventually link to outside resources to extend even further.  There’s enough to keep your students, Grades K-6, busy and learning all year long!

English (ESL) Label Me! Printouts – Enchanted Learning: over 100 handouts with answer sheets you can print and use to help build English vocabulary

English Media Lab: Site has powerpoint lessons and interactive quizzes for elementary level students.

ESL & Childhood Education Websites

ESL and EFL Related Sites

ESL Cafe Kids

ESL Flashcards: 100’s of free flash cards. Every set of flashcards comes in color and 3 different sizes to make teaching easier.

ESL Flashcards: English Raven has an impressive assortment of more than 1300 downloadable flashcards/game cards designed to help introduce vocabulary items into classroom English lessons, and facilitate games and activities.

ESL Games & Activities

ESL Kidstuff: Teachers can print flashcards, worksheets, games and more for ESL kids.

ESL Online Learning Games

ESL phonics & Phonetics worksheets for Kids

ESL Phonics: an online collection of downloadable phonics worksheets

ESL Primary: Great site for primary English as a Second Language ESL/ EFL lessons for kids and teacher resources.

ESL4kids The main focus is on providing suitable texts for reading, and on using English as the medium for learning about the world around us. Three main sections for my different students: Two NET (Native English-Speeking Teacher) Corners for my students in Hong Kong and ESL4kids for all others. Site contains reading texts and online quizzes.

eslHQ: There are 1,274 worksheets and 1,935 free ESL flashcards to choose from. You can print as many as you want and in many different sizes. on eslHQ and more are added everyday!
Registration is free.

ESL-Kids.com ESL stuff for kids including flashcards, worksheets, classroom games and children’s song lyrics. A great resource for teachers of ESL kids

ESL-Kids.com GAMES

Finish the Alphabet – Adjective Recognition

FREE ESL Flashcards

Games and Ideas for ESL Kids Classes

Head and shoulders MP3

Hello_World.com has free online games, songs and activities for learning Spanish, French, English and more. All activities are appropriate for children.

Kid Genius: Free software to teach the Alphabet, Letters, Numbers, Counting, Reading and Spelling using Sound, Pictures and Video Clips.

Learning Page: provides a huge collection of professionally produced instructional materials you can download and print.  Lesson plans, books, worksheets, and much more can be found here.  Sign up to get all this and more for free!

Little Explorer: Picture dictionary.

Materiales para niños Englis4Kids

MES English: contains free ESL / EFL resources for teachers of young learners.  Site has free flashcards, handouts to match, free phonics cards, free ESL games, an international projects Xchange library and activities all ready for printing.


Online ESL Flashcards: free, high-quality ESL flashcards to brighten up your class!

Picture Books: Welcome to this free to view and download collection of picture books and gallery of artwork .  Books are suitable for all ages.

PBS Kids: games, stories, and much more for early elementary students

Phonics and Phonemic Awareness: links to 56 phonics and phonemic awareness worksheets which will quickly improve memorization of important consonant and vowel sounds

Pizarra Digital Primaria

Recursos para niños ESLKid

Recursos primaria

Songs. Phonics

Starfall: Online reading and phonics activities are great for beginners.  Explore the entire site. You can download books from the Scope and Sequence page.

Stories for kids Interesante


The ABC Game: Students can click the object that starts with the letter shown at the top of each page. This game has 10 questions.

The ABC Game: learn the alphabet in 123 with Orgdots fun letter game for kids of all ages.  This is a great site for older students.

The EFL Playhouse

Tommy Thumb MP3

Using Videos to Teach ESL kids Classes


welcome to abcteach Mucho material para Primaria. Vocabulario

Welcome to ESL KidStuff!

Worksheets for ESL Kids Classes

Young and Young at Heart: songs and rhymes for all ages

Young Learner’s Writing Workshop 1



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